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Who is Certegy Ezi-Pay?

Certegy Ezi-Pay is a leading provider of retail No Interest Ever! payment plans through a wide network of retailers and businesses.

What is a Certegy Ezi-Pay Payment Plan?

This is a continuing credit payment plan that lets you purchase goods or services today, by paying an initial deposit, with the remaining balance being conveniently direct debited fortnightly. There is a simple application and best of all there is No Interest Ever!

What are the fees and charges for Certegy Ezi-Pay?

Please read your Certegy Ezi-Pay continuing credit payment plan agreement carefully. This outlines all fees and charges payable along with their frequency, throughout your purchase term.

When you make a purchase, Certegy Ezi-Pay will open an account for you. You will pay an establishment fee between $35 and $90 to set up your account. This is payable over the term of the purchase. The account will provide you access to online information about your purchase(s), credit schedule(s), access to our 1800 customer call in facility and other benefits. There is a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 which will be direct debited whilst your account remains active.

Are there any other charges?

There is a $2.95 payment processing fee to process each repayment.

There is also a monthly account keeping fee of $3.50 which will be direct debited while your account remains open.

Can I make multiple purchases?

Your available credit increases as you make repayments, so you can shop again before you fully pay for your initial purchase. An additional purchase fee of $22.00 is payable over the purchase repayment period for additional purchases. Your online account enables you to keep track of your available credit.

Can I pay my continuing credit account out early?

You can pay the outstanding balance of your continuing credit account (inclusive of any fees and charges) on any day you wish. If you keep your account open, your available credit will be available for up to 24 months. You can shop again at any time while your account remains open and the monthly account keeping fee will continue to apply.

How can I find out the payout figure?

You can write to Certegy Ezi-Pay at any time via the contact us enquiry page and request the payout figure as at any date you specify. Certegy Ezi-Pay will provide this within 2 business days.

What do I do if I cannot make a repayment?

Contact Certegy Ezi-Pay immediately to discuss the matter via the contact us enquiry page or call us on 1800 088 151.

Can Certegy Ezi-Pay take action against me?

Yes, if you are in default under your payment plan agreement, Certegy Ezi-Pay may take action against you to recover any amounts outstanding. Additional fees and charges may be payable in the event action is required.

Can I close my account and are there any charges?

Once your purchase(s) have been paid in full and your account balance is zero, you can cancel via written notice to Certegy Ezi-Pay or via your online account. There are NO additional fees for closing your account or paying out early.

If I pay a deposit, am I guaranteed an approval?

Paying a deposit directly to the merchant won’t always guarantee a Certegy Ezi-Pay payment plan being approved. However we will work with your chosen merchant to process your application fairly and approve wherever possible. Details of your payment plan will be confirmed to you in writing once the required signed paperwork is received, verified and accepted by us.

What is the Certegy Ezi-Pay Smartphone App?

The Certegy Ezi-Pay App provides you with direct access to your account and repayment details anytime, anywhere. You can search for stores, manage your repayments, find out how much you’ve repaid and when your next payments are due or make additional repayments. All this and more is available via the Certegy Ezi-Pay App to help you manage your account on the go.